Mewo Orders

Mewo Orders is an online ordering system for restaurants and franchises.

Our online ordering application was born out of Padthaiwok's need to create a new online sales channel, fully automatic and that use the native hardware of the restaurant and, as a consequence, decrease the installation system costs. In this way, we have quite an interesting online ordering app for both the small restaurant and the large franchises

Our main features are:

Multi-platform or native software

Customized development based on the customer's requirements. We adapt to your needs.

Cost reduction

We do not use additional hardware for its installation, it is able to work in each restaurant pc and printers.

Automated geolocation

Mewo Orders automatically associates the restaurant that corresponds to each user.

Easy installation

Our application works on any device transparently.

  • Collaboration signature between Padthaiwok and Mewo Systems

    2015 Augoust

    Padthaiwok contacts Mewo Systems to open a new sales channel through new technologies.

  • Start up and project planning

    2015 September

    Mewo Orders begins the planning and starting the online ordering application at the Mewo Systems offices.

  • First tests start

    2016 February

    Mewo Systems begins the first tests of the use of the native printers of Padthaiwok restaurants.

  • Padthaiwok Fuengirola, online orders starts

    2016 may 25

    On May 25, 2016, the BETA 1.0 version of Mewo Orders was installed at Padthaiwok Fuengirola. Padthaiwok already has the new online sales channel.

  • Great result in its first month

    2016 June

    Padthaiwok Fuengirola, has quite satisfactory results with the Mewo Orders app, specifically 175 orders in June 2016.

  • Mewo Orders expansion

    2016 Augoust

    Many joins to the new online sales channel: Padthaiwok Granada Pza. Einstein, Padthaiwok Granada Pza. Fortuny and Padthaiwok Ibiza.

  • 1.5 version Mewo Orders installation

    2017 March

    As of version 1.5, the application is stable and is installed on new and more powerful servers.

  • Results at the end of 2017

    2017 December

    Mewo Orders manages more than 30 Padthaiwok restaurant with an increasing number upper than 7200 monthly orders and a portfolio of over 42,000 users.

  • Launch of the commercial version

    2018 April

    Mewo Orders V2.0 is expected to launch the final version for commercialization.